Boom Barrier

Boom Barriers are generally employed in residential and parking areas for safe and authenticated access to the parking lots. Boom Barriers helps in effective vehicle access at entry and exit gates and allows large sized businesses in smart management of parking lots.

Boom barrier generally consists of a fixed metal block that is connected to a pole which is operated electronically and blocks the unidentified vehicles at entry and exit gates. No vehicle is allowed without proper authentication.

Chaitanya is the market leader in installation of Boom Barriers. We have been meeting client expectations by delivering all variants of boom barriers. Chaitanya offers an array of parking boom barrier solutions to look after all types of parking control needs.

We also offer 100% quality driven and high performing boom barriers for Tolling applications where high volume of traffic needs to be controlled. We have extensive expertise in installation of boom barriers in buildings, appartments, malls, shopping complexes where parking space needs to be maintained effectively.